Our Team - Our Training

Ever wondered how our teachers are taught? Here's a sneak peek into the training Talent Plus conducts to keep our pre-school trained teachers up to date with the latest developments in preschool education!

We believe that only with a progressive approach towards education can the learning needs of your child be met. At the heart of our organization's commitment to educational dynamism is our in-house training, conducted twice annually by a team of professionals.

In these training sessions, the Talent Plus philosophy, pedagogical approaches, and updates in curriculum are shared with all our teachers. In these interactive sessions, "Think Tank Workshops" for Science, Mathematics, Classroom Management, Safety, Hygiene and 'Play' serve as platforms for our passionate teachers to exchange ideas, practices and experiences.

"An environment of teacher collaboration is what we aim for, as we strive to forge a community of educators for the benefit of your child."

"Children simply love animals, don't they? Our principal Catherine shows teachers how to translate this love to learning, by using animals as props for imaginary play. The photo was taken at a study trip to Monash University Childcare Centre (Australia) in 2011."

"AAAHHHHH!!!" "Dramatization is a centerpiece of our curriculum: here we see Teacher Hazel demonstrating how she dramatizes 'fear' with the children as part of our monthly theme", "My Emotions".

"There is much enjoyment in store for children in seemingly trivial tasks! Teacher Sonia, who holds a Diploma in Montessori Learning, demonstrates" "Practical Life Skills".

"What is that dark object always following close behind you?!" "A hands-on experience of 'shadows' – one of the topics for our Science Programme."

"The productive buzz of group discussions fill the air, as teachers put their heads together at our in-house training and workshops."

"What vibrant colors and interesting shapes! These are not just intriguing toys, but teaching aids for the topic of “Number Concepts”, shared by teachers, for teachers."

"Experience is the best teacher, and the best teachers have experience too!"

"Teacher Florence (left) and Teacher Rosaline receiving their Long Service Awards, with 15 and 10 years of valuable experience respectively."

"All Talent Plus teachers are trained child first aiders"

"A great teacher is an even better learner."

"Principal Catherine with the Supervisor of Monash University Childcare Centre (Australia), as she shares Monash's school philosophy and pedagogical approaches."

"An ocean apart, but united in the pursuit of educational excellence."

"Principal Catherine and Managing Director Mark, with the Principal and Supervisor of Monash University Childcare Centre (Australia)."