Frequently Asked Questions
1. How old will my child be eligible to join, and when can he enroll?

Our programme caters to children aged 18 months to 3 years old. He/she can register with us any time, and if the particular branch you wish to enroll your child has a vacancy, we welcome him/her to join us when he/she turns 18 months old.

2. How do I register my child?

You can register your child either by obtaining the registration form from our website,, or you can visit the particular school you are keen to enroll in to register. Registration has to be done during lesson time. You may call the respective manager in charge for the exact timing (contact number obtainable from website).

3. What is the teacher- to-student ratio?

The teacher-to-student ratio is in accordance with the one stipulated by the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF) Child Care Branch, which is one teaching staff to eight students for this age group. For all our branches, we will have one lead teacher and one assistant teacher to eight or more students.

4. Can my child join if he is not toilet trained?

Your child can join us even if he is not toilet trained.

5. Can I accompany my child during lesson?

We encourage you or one of your family members/guardians to accompany your child for the first two to three days of school. Thereafter you are advised to leave your child with our professionally trained teachers, who will help him/ her settle down.

6. Do you have trial lesson(s)?

We do not have trial sessions because children this age usually take 2 to 4 weeks to adapt to a new learning environment. At 2 hours per day (the programme’s duration), trial lesson(s) may not be an accurate gauge to your child’s ability to adapt.

7. If my child cannot adapt to your classroom environment, what should I do?

Most children take 2 to 4 weeks to adapt to a new environment. During this period, they may experience separation anxiety, which is a normal for all children. Parents are encouraged to be supportive of their child by giving positive encouragement and assurance. Once they settle down, they will enjoy class and look forward to coming to school.

8. If my child is a foreigner, can your school help to apply student pass for us?

You can obtain the student pass application form from the Immigration Department. We will fill in the necessary information for your submission to the relevant authorities.

Fees Related Questions
1. How is the fee structure like?

Registration fee : Waived

Monthly school fee: Our fees vary depending on the location. You can call the manager in charge (at 'Find Us' page) of the particular branch to find out the monthly fee.

Material fee (half yearly): $150 (includes daily worksheets, materials for arts & craft, science projects, cookery lessons etc.)

Starter kit (one time) : $55 (2 sets of uniform, and 1 school bag.)

Insurance : covered by Talent Plus

Advance fee: the advance fee (June or December fee) will be the same as the monthly school fee. Should your child withdraw during the first month of his enrolment, we will refund the advance fee. Thereafter, there will be no refund.

2. During school holidays (one week in Mar and Sept, one month in June and Dec), do you collect school fees?

Yes, we collect school fees during this period. This is a practice across preschools in Singapore as we pay our teachers during school holidays.

3. Can I use CDA (baby bonus) for the school fee?

No. The Ministry of Social & Family Development has not approved the usage of CDA for monthly school fees for parents whose child is attending playgroup at Community Clubs and Residents' committee.